Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

Well, we are having a wonderfully quiet day here at my parents' house! Just my family of four, plus my folks and my niece and nephew. I haven't taken that many pictures, which is really a shock. I usually have a TON! Been playing with my new Cricut (yes I know Cricuts are old news, but I have wanted one for a few months now, and Randy got one for me) while the kids have played video games, Scrabble, and Rook.

We had a wonderful non-traditional lunch of my dad's home-made lasagna. After that we have just been nibbling and enjoying the quiet.

While checking out my friend Rachel's blog
I saw this cool link to a reading level "checker." Her site is college-level, and mine is:

cash advance

Cool! And I haven't even put any math problems on here yet!

So, for now I am saying goodbye Merry Christmas to the five people who actually read my blog! Love you guys!


Amy said...

Glad to hear y'all had a nice Christmas, Wanda! I'm totally lazing & scrapping today! Love you too!!

Gillian said...

Cricuts may be old news, but they are definitely still fun!! Enjoy playing with yours :)

~Kammie~ said...

Cricuts are new to me--just got mine not too long ago and I still haven't played with it enough.

I'll be your 6th person to read your blog! I have saved your blog to my favs to read every morning :O)

Penny said...

Glad you had a great Christmas!!!