Sunday, January 20, 2008

A New Challenge is Up!

This week's challenge is posted here at A Scrappin' Friendsy.
It's posted by Kendria, and it is a real challenge. Are you up to it?
I'm not sure I am - LOL. She has some beautiful examples to go with it, though.
Can't wait to see who rises to this challenge and what they create.

On a sad note, Sarah didn't make the Lion's Band. She is one disappointed young lady. But I'm one proud momma: Lion's band or not......she's a great kid - smart, talented, and beautiful. I don't worry about what she's doing, or who she's hanging around with, or where she's going. I love her dearly. And there's always next year.

On another sad note, I have to head over to the school for curtain calls practice in just a little while. Sigh.

I have added a poll to my blog, to see if more people LIKE math, HATE it, or are just INTIMIDATED BY it. If you'll take the poll, and leave a comment here, I'll send this cute Artist Trading Card to somebody!


paige said...

hi from ASF MissNorway here in well, Norway, but from the Deep South. Great blog--lv the playlist, but how did you get it onto your blog?

And not that you asked, but I so want our 6m old daughter also to be interested in math--I hate though how they 'teach' it in the US lately, no offense but it doesn't seem logical or easy for kids to learn some of the methods (and they're starting the same here in Norway). uhm sorry to ramble:)

but yeah I find math very interesting, esp when it's combined w chemistry and reading. Mauve and The Mathematical Experience are 2 books I like...



Me said...

Well know I don't hate math, just intimidated by it, which would be why Hannah's takes her math courses through DVD's.

Your card is really cute! And did you check out my winter slide show? I had to copy your Photobucket idea with mine....made my pitiful snow pictures look a lot better.