Sunday, October 26, 2008

Well, I am a bad blogger, but really, I lead a pretty boring life. Not much to even blog about, you know? Still, yesterday was a wonderful day. The band won the state championship in class 4A last night. In addition to the band winning everything overall, the color guard won first place, the percussion/drum line won first place! All in all, a very exciting night. The weather was beautiful, sunny and clear during the day, crisp and cool in the evening. Here are a few pictures:

This is Mary Beth (on the right):

This is Sarah: She's very serious about guard!

Mary Beth again (the second one)

Here they are after the announcements were made: You can tell that Mary Beth had been crying. You can't really tell that Sarah had been, too. Anyway, It was a great moment.

So if you like my new blog header you should know that I made it with Gotta Pixel's FALLing for You kit, their Daily Download kit for October. Laura Pitman, Laura Burger, and Randi Oh are the designers. I wish I knew the right size to make my header look a little more "professional" but I just haven't taken time to play with making my blog look nice. Maybe one day.

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