Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh What a Week!

What a week I have had! Oh my goodness. Besides work (teaching classes, grading papers, making out tests, getting ready for nine-weeks' tests and working on my boards) we have had PowderPuff football this week. So, after school on Monday and Tuesday we had practices.

Wednesday was a crazy day because we took five buses full of kids to the basketball playoffs - our boys made it to the playoffs for the second year in a row. They didn't win, but we're proud anyway! It was a great day to be a Titan! Then we are still in our Inquirer's class at church on Wednesday nights.

Thursday was PowderPuff game day. I was literally at work from 7:30 am until 8:00 pm! Whew.

Friday finally arrived and I went to a class reunion; my first. No, not my first reunion! I graduated in 1983! Just the first one I have ever attended. It was for all of the 80's classes, so there were lots of folks there I didn't know, but lots of folks I did. I had a wonderful time, and got in very late. Which makes me VERY tired and cranky today.

In the midst of all of that Sarah has been getting ready for the Jr. Miss pageant tonight. She had the school's Fashion Show Monday night, plus a fitting for her pageant dress. She had mock interview practices Tuesday, and dress rehearsal last night. She and her daddy both had dress rehearsal, I should say. He will be escorting her and dancing with her onstage. I can't wait to see it. She had interview today (no idea how she did...........grrrrrrr, she won't tell me anything!).

Interestingly, this week my husband appeared in an advertisement in USA Today. Yes, my hubby, the Mighty Hunter, is now a model. LOL! He didn't even know anything about it, the picture was taken a couple of years ago by a Political Action Committee that deals with aviation issues. Here's the ad:

Yeah, he looks good. He could be a model for real, don't ya think?

My 44th birthday was last week, and Mighty Hunter took me out for dinner with our good friends Neely and Dave. We went to AJ's On The Lake....awesome food, crazy waitress! We had a wonderful time, sitting outside on the deck in the breeze. It was really a perfect evening.

Maybe Mighty Hunter shouldn't be a model after all! He won't open his stinkin' eyes! That's us before we went out to dinner. We are gettin' old. This year will be our 23rd anniversary and at the end of January marked 25 years together.

Things are just hectic for me right now, and I will be sooooooooo glad when May arrives and things slow down. Just counting the days!

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