Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Day of School Thoughts

Well, I truly love my job almost all the time. I really do. Parents send their children to school with high expectations. They want them to be treated well, to be reasonably happy and comfortable, and to be taught so they can learn.

I take those responsibilities very seriously. We don't do "Free Days" or "Movie Days" or have parties for the last two weeks of school. I teach every day, I smile as often as possible, I try to pay extra attention to kids who need it, and I try to be professional in my dealings with students, parents, teachers, and administrators. The end of this school year has been very trying, and I am glad to see it coming to a close. Today is the last half-day of work for the 2008-2009 school year, and I am happy it is here. I love teaching, but I need a little break.

I found this neat "event" happening over at Divine Digital - 40 Days of Joy. Here is part of what it says:

BRAND NEW CHALLENGE! "40 Days of JOY" with Royanna Fritschmann Get to be the first to be inspired by excerpts from Royanna's new book with a brand new inspirational adapted scrapping series "40 Days of Joy!" Come be part of a brand new scrapbooking journey about learning to in | JOY life! Be in | spired inspite of life’s tough circumstances in a time when many of us are at a low point in our lives! Be in | lightened and discover JOY in everyday things... even in the mundane, silly, and plain jane things. in | fect and in | courage others with what’s important all while leaving a legacy...your legacy, your story! Join us at Divine Digital everyday starting May 18th for something different, needed! In 5 minutes each day you will get inspiring words a quote of wisdom to encourage you throughout the day a FREE Quickpage to help you scrap your legacy in a SNAP! And throughout the challenge earn free scrapkits too! Join us for 40 days....and learn to in | JOY the world around YOU!

I am thinking about joining in for the summer - if you aren't a member at Divine Digital, you might want to join just to participate. Plus, I'm thinking that even though it is digital, a person could do it with paper just as well.

To my daughters (who never read my blog): I love you both. Very much. It may not always seem like it, but it's quite true. No matter what happens with your friends, your school-mates, your boyfriends, your teachers..........I will always love you. Always and forever.

And I will leave you with something truly beautiful to feed your spirit and soul on this Friday, the 22nd of May:

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Penny said...

definitely understand how you feel about the end of the school year!