Sunday, April 11, 2010

This time of year......

Happy Spring, everyone! And Happy belated Easter! He is Risen! Praise God!

This year we visited Randy's mom on Easter weekend (well, Sarah didn't...she had to work and had Easter dinner with my mom and dad and aunt). We took Mary Beth's friend Allison with us and took some awesome pictures of them on Saturday (there are awesome pictures of Alli, too, but she is not my child so I will not presume to post her pics on my blog!):

This time of year is so hectic and kinda stressful for me, and this year is certainly no exception!
Spring Break brings that last rush to give and grade nine-weeks' tests, tend to make up work, enter and post grades, and call parents if their kids are not likely to pass. It also brings all kinds of extra work if you teach a class that is tested in the State of Mississippi, which I do. Extra practice tests, item and data analysis, extra prep and tutorial classes, and the stress of the TEST DAY COUNTDOWN!

Add to that all of the work that is involved in taking my club to the Key Club district convention (it is an insane amount of work; I'm not even gonna go into it), induction ceremony, new officer elections and training, work on the scrapbook, and fundraisers. It makes Spring rather unpleasant.

Having said all of that, I MOWED THE FRONT YARD yesterday! Yay! It looks nice. I also raked the old icky pinestraw out of the beds in the front and chopped it up with the mower. I'm caught up on laundry, including washing all the blankets that the dogs used throughout the winter.

Randy helped his mom sell crafts at the Belzoni Crawfish Festival this weekend, and I chaperoned the Jr-Sr Prom last night. Sarah's Senior Prom. Here are a few pics:

I love that laughing picture, don't you?

Somewhere between the last time I updated this blog, and today, my little baby girl turned 16! She had a party with friends on Thursday (they all went to a Japanese restaurant) and then had some more friends over to the house on Friday.

Yes, she loves her new zebra-print dress!

With all of this that has been going on, I have been in a scrappy-slump. Cannot WAIT for summer to get here so I can scrap all these yummy pics I have!

Thanks for sharing this teeny tiny bit of my boring world with me!


Carla said...

GREAT pics, Wanda! Love those dresses!

Christine said...

she's her mom! love her dress and her smile!