Sunday, December 16, 2007

First Thoughts on my new Blog

Truly my very first thoughts are that I don't have time to blog! I won't lie about that.
But, then I think that EVERYBODY blogs, and I hate to miss out on anything fun. I am
such a "joiner." So I will figure it out and find my "blogging place" in the world.

I hope to mix my personal thoughts and happenings with scrappy happenings and also with
math happenings. I teach Algebra I and geometry to high school students. I will post math
questions for fun and learning. Well, mostly for learning. I am always looking for
questions, especially good multiple-choice questions, that I can copy and paste for my tests.
I have a lot of experience writing, reading and editing MC questions for personal use and for
high-stakes testing. Maybe, eventually, math teachers will make their way to my blog and be
able to use these questions with their own students.

I am really into scrapbooking, and will probably end up talking a lot about that hobby on this
blog. There are a gazillion scrapper blogs out there, all better than mine, but I am joining in.
I can hardly believe it. And on that note, my next post has exciting news in it!


Penny said...

wooohoo! Wanda got a blog!!!! Love it!

Juliet Diley said...


Amy said...

Love your slide show at the bottom, Wanda! Very cool! ADding you to my blog list. ;-)