Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I just love....

a nice hot shower when it's cold outside. You know, the kind of hot shower that you just can't make yourself leave until the water starts getting lukewarm and you know you're gonna freeze if you don't hurry up! What things like that do YOU love? Leave me a comment!

Today will hopefully be a joyful day as my Key Club students get their gifts ready for some area children in need. We have bought lots of things: scooters, shoes, bikes, dolls, CD players, stereos, clothes and more! We will stay after school today and get it all together for the big party on Saturday. I NEED to be finishing up my own Christmas shopping, but this is WAY better.

And there is my BABY (who isn't a baby anymore) dressed up for the Christmas dance at school. Can you tell she didn't want me to take a picture? Evil kid. Doesn't she know it doesn't matter what she wants?!

Here is my other evil (I mean, sweet and loving) teenage daughter, in the show choir's recent concert. I totally adore my children....just love teasing them. I actually do my students the same way, completely and totally because I love them. I think they know that about me. I hope they do.

Do you ever take pictures of the fire in your fireplace? Very cool.
We totally love our fireplace!

So, does that make you warm if it is cold where you are? I hope so.

It might make you warm and fuzzy to know that I am putting together some envelopes of ephemera perfect for scrapping, card making, and ATC's! I will send them out after Christmas, as soon as I figure out HOW to decide who gets them! Any good ideas for me?

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Amy said...

Yeah, Me, me, me......I want an envie from Wanda! Just kidding....of course I'd love one, but don't mean to be so greedy.....just picking with you. You KNOW I love you, Wanda. ;-)