Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Snowy Saturday!

I can hardly believe it snowed! In Mississippi, that is a pretty big deal! We have gotten a kick out of watching it fall, and been outside in it to see if we could get any good pictures. Mighty Hunter has thrown open the windows and doors and embraced the cold! (Nothing new there, according to my blue nose and frozen toes!)

So, in the snow, Sarah and Marge headed off to Lion's Band tryouts....the Final Call. They are both done, and trying to figure out whether or not Sarah has to learn a second routine for the color guard
portion. They did last year, but it is unclear whether they do this year. news there, except that she says she
did better this time than last time. Mary Beth and Mighty Hunter mad
e her a good
luck sign this morning:

Here she is when we arrived for the first round tryouts, two short weeks ago. Yes, it was cold that day, but at least it wasn't wet and snowing!

And then, also two short weeks ago, Mary Beth got her braces off! If you've ever had braces for two-and-a-half years, you KNOW how she was feeling!

And, so, here I am, in the freezing cold (INSIDE my apartment, mind you) finally updating my blog. We, of course, have a Curtain Calls practice this afternoon. And tomorrow afternoon, and Monday afternoon (even though Monday is a holiday). This is going to be one of those events in my life that, while horrifically painful in its process, is worth all the hard work in the end. A little like having a baby,no?

And for a preview of weeks to come: Sarah has tryouts for Grease in early February, Beauty and Beau pageant in mid-February, and winter Fashion Show in late February. Mary Beth has a field trip to go on, and a band clinic to attend in mid- to late-February. This will be her first clinic, and I'm soooo glad she's going.

So, now that Mighty Hunter and Mary Beth have gone off to Bass Pro Shop, I can turn the heat up a bit and thaw my toes. Think I will go do that now, and leave my four readers to ponder why I let my husband turn me into an icicle every winter. When you figure it out, let me know, okay? Thanks.


Me said...

Hey your slide show...had to go make one of my own complete with snowflakes (so my pictures look like we got some snow LOL) Thanks for your very sweet comment on my blog....made my day.


Amy said...

I can't believe you guys got snow today & we didn't. It was so cool checking out everyone's snow pics! Hope you warm up some while Mighty Hunter is out. ;-)