Monday, March 24, 2008

Baby Turns 14 Tomorrow

Yes, my baby is almost 14! Here she is last week at the park in Cleveland, MS
(where she was born and raised until I cruelly yanked her up and moved her after the third grade!).

Can you tell it was a "little" windy?

And when they talk about your hair standing on end? Here I am with my hair blowing pretty much STRAIGHT UP!
So we just had spring break, and spent three days in Cleveland. Very pleasant to spend quiet time with the in-laws. And the kids in Cleveland were NOT on spring break, so it was quiet in the neighborhood as well. Here are some pictures of my in-laws. Poppy is 84 years old. I won't say how old MawMaw is (she wouldn't like me).....but she is younger than Poppy!

A Scrappin Friendsy has a new weekly challenge going on. I like it; it involves scraplifting some of our new Design Team members. Why don't you go check it out? I'm definitely gonna try to get it done sometime this week. Other scrappy news? I got high TallyPoints yesterday at Tallyscrapper! Thanks to whoever cruised through my gallery and gave me points! I tried to return the favor this afternoon and spent nearly an hour in the gallery and gave away 700 points!

I wish I had some exciting news or a funny story to tell, but alas, I do not. Just a whole bunch of same old, same old around here. Well, I am excited that in THREE WEEKS I will be going to Nashville Tennessee to Scrap Etc. (my first ever scrap event)! I am rooming with my tally friend, Shirley. She is not a scrap event novice, like I am. Hope she doesn't think I am too, too lame.

I got the sweetest note from my internet friend Stephanie, asking if I was okay. She noticed that I hadn't updated my blog (well, I had also said I wasn't feeling well the other day). So, Stephanie, this update is for you! (all the rest of you, blame Steph!)

And if you like to digi scrap (or if you just want to look at some cute stuff) go visit Digi Treats and check out the different ABC kits. And if you want to see lots of freebies, go HERE.

Mighty Hunter has a mighty nice fire going in the living room, so I think I am going to put my pj's on and go in there for a while. Until next time...... good night!


Amy said...

Well, tell Mary Beth Happy BD in advance for me! Hope she has a great day!! They grow up too fast, don't they?

themacmomma said...

Love the crazy hair picts!
You look fabulous!
Hope you had a happy Easter!

Braxton's Mommy said...

Great pictures and thanks for updating!! Love reading your blog! Tell MaryBeth happy late birthday!! Hope you are feeling better!! Later!