Friday, June 27, 2008

Pictures of the New Baby

Well, he doesn't have a name yet! I am open to suggestions! If we end up using one of your suggestions, I'll send you a small gift! LOL

Here he is:As I said last night, he is a chihuaha -yorkie mix. The breeder said he is 13 weeks old. He is the tiniest little thing you have ever seen. She thinks he might only weigh 5 or 6 pounds when fully grown. He has done little other than sleep since he's been here. I dragged him around a good bit yesterday, then we put him in the utility room last night and he has slept ever since. Mighty Hunter took him outside for a little while this morning, but he went right back to sleep when he came in.

I am trying to paper-train him (the breeder said he was paper-trained at her house already, but I can't tell it). Any advice or suggestions? I haven't a clue, really.

He seems very bright. Already he will stay on the paper when I put him there and walk away. After I put him back on it three or four times he stopped trying to get off. He just looks at me like, "When can I move? Why am I here?" He doesn't want any treats that I've tried to tempt him with, and has only eaten a few pieces of dog food since he's been here.

Well, I am off! Enjoy the puppy pictures!


Jan said...

Wanda! He is so cute!! I'm horrible at names for animals so I'll let someone else help with that.

Love that picture of you!!

Robin said...

Oh my goodness, he looks like a Cocoa to me. What a doll. I am personally a firm believer in kennel training for house training. My parents just got a new puppy and they are half kennel training, they only put her in it at night, but they keep her locked up in their bathroom where there is tile and no carpet and spend a lot of time taking her outside and staying till she goes then giving her treats when she does. I hope it goes well. There is nothing like a doggy companion. My Sandy stuck to me like glue the whole time I was home sick, it was like she knew I was sick, but she thinks she is a yorkie and she's NOT.

Robin said...

After note: They only keep her locked up in the bathroom when they aren't home, hee hee.

Leah said...

aww he's cute!
well if he sleeps so much name his snooze lol

{Shirley} said...

OMG!@ Wanda he is AdOrAbLe!!!!

May i suggest:
Anthony K
Dani California ;o)


rachel whetzel said...

He's a cutie!! What I would do, is STOP trying to paper train, and go straight to training to potty outside! Take a mess he makes, and put it in the spot you want him to use, and praise him when he sniffs it, telling him the "word" you'll use to tell him what you want him to do. We use Business here. Having the pee on a rag, and poop nearby that is HIS, and that he can smell make the association easier.

I don't know WHY... but he looks like a cheez to me.

MANDY said...

We just got an Irish Setter and I wanted to name him "Bentley" or "Riley", but the dh didn't like either one so we went with "Reed", I think your little man looks like a "Bentley"!! Good luck with the potty training.

Mandy- AKA Cropalicious

Kim said...

Hey Wanda!! He is sooo cute. Lizzi thinks he is cute in the pic, but lets see what happens when she's around him :) I saw your dare with the colors. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking about trying it. It really just depends on how much time I get with the kids around. However, I do like the pic with my ribbon.