Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bad Blogger!

Yes, I am. I have no excuses, no reasons except that not much has been happening! School got out and I have had four lovely weeks of hanging out at home, at the pool, in the tanning bed, scrapping, reading, and generally being a lady of leisure. Nice.

Well, actually I had only three weeks like this. THIS week has been full of meetings of the committee that reviews items for placement on our state's Algebra I End-Of-Course test. So for the last four days I have been solving 300+ Algebra problems and arguing about them with 17 other teachers, plus representatives of the testing company and of the state department of education. Actually, this is really fun to me, so I am not complaining. And I could write a book about testing, multiple choice assessments, Webb's Depth of Knowledge, performance level descriptors, and the scope and sequence of Algebra I. But I am not allowed to talk about it. They might shoot me.

I could share with you some new scrapbook pages, but I haven't done what I consider to be a whole lot of scrapping. I've THOUGHT about scrapping, but haven't really done a lot. See, I found this Boggle-type game online called MultiPopword (at and I can't seem to stop playing it. Oh, well. Join me over there sometime if you like stuff like that, because it is a multi-player game. I always sign in as Wanda.

This is the first time in a long time I haven't tried out for the design team at Tallyscrapper. I am kind of tired of "close, but no cigar!" but really, I just don't have good "mojo" right now, so it would have been too stressful this time around. And, besides, I have some other Tally news to share later on. It's all good.

At A Scrappin Friendsy we finally have the message boards and gallery stabilized and working consistently. Things feel "back to normal" which is GREAT. The challenge this week is from Amy (momoffive) and I have the page started on my table. Here it is:

"Here’s my challenge: Dump out your purse and explain its contents…but don’t simply ‘make a list’ because we’ve done lists before. This time make a list with descriptions……why it’s there, what it’s used for, etc. Take pictures of your pile of STUFF after you’ve dumped it out and even take a picture of your purse. Maybe tell us where your purse came from and why you love it…..or what you DON’T like about it and why you NEED a new one. Be creative & have fun!!"

Here's a link to the Blog: ASF DT Dares Blog

Take the challenge! It'll be fun.

Now, for the biggest news of all: I have a new baby. He hasn't got a name yet, but he is a Chihuaha/Yorkie mix and is adorable and tiny. I love him. He's asleep right now. I've only had him a few hours. Pictures to come, don't worry!

Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

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Braxton's Mommy said...

Thanks so much for the Happy Birthday!! Congrats on your new puppy!! Been waiting for you to update!! That was a good present :) !! Have a great weekend!!