Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Junk Store Finds and INCHIES (OMG)

Well, I finally made some inchies and now I don't want to quit! LOL
I have a little McCarty's bowl and my goal is to fill it with inchies.

I used some images cut from a very vintage comic book I bought yesterday for $2.50, and images cut from the "B" encyclopedia. Yes, I am cutting up my encyclopedias. I can't even believe it.

Here are my inchies:

And here are pictures of my junk store finds: the comic book was $2.50, like I said, and the book of Rudyard Kipling's poems, leather bound and very old, was $7.50. But the others were 50 cents! On the front of the Counting Rhymes book is a cool clock with moveable hands. It is awesome.

The lady who runs this particular store buys your "junk" and I just happen to have an absolute ton of stuff from this move, so I am putting together what I think she would buy. Easier than a garage sale, right?

So, I am going to take this stuff and put together some little paper crafting kits for friends who might be interested. Whaddaya think, Jules?


Braxton's Mommy said...

I love love love the inches!! After reading your blog yesterday I have to tell you that it made me have a dream last night that I went to a resale shop and found a whole dresser full of Little golden books and newspapers and the lady told me I could have everything for 25.00!! Too Funny!! They are so cute though!! And about your kit you put together I would buy it but I dont have a girl but it is precious!!

Robin said...

I am out of some loop apparently what is an Inchie????

Babydoll said...

I still don't know what inchies are, but they are cute!! Love your junk store finds too. :)

mommysews said...

I am now starting to see what blogs should look like. I am using yours for inspiration. I really like yours Wanda!

Oh and I don't know what inchies are either. I love Wanda's, but once they are made, I don't quite know what to do with them. But then again, I am just about hopeless, I don't know what to do with ATC's either.