Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Dare and Family Pictures

Well, I totally missed blogging last week, since we were hot and heavy into moving. And I do mean, HOT....it's July in Mississippi, and that = HOT!

First of all, there is a new dare at ASF, and it is mine.

LOL - we have had so many communication issues over there, with the message boards being slow sometimes, quick sometimes, working for some of us and not for others. I thought Sara wanted to do this week, so I told her she could. Then I noticed that it was the last week of SEPTEMBER (not July) that she signed up for. So I posted a dare, then got a message from her saying that she would get her dare posted as soon as the site would let her. I tried to send HER a message, but the site was slow at that time and wouldn't let me. Crazy, I tell you. But it looks like we got it figured out, kind of.

Anyway, here is my DARE:

$250 for tickets, $90 for t-shirts, $35 for snacks.........taking your daughters to the Jonas Brothers' concert? Priceless! Okay, I made that up! But it IS my challenge to you. Make a "priceless" page. Model it after those Mastercard ads. There are no other requirements or restrictions! Well, maybe just one: have fun.

Here's mine.

We had a nice family visit a couple of weeks ago from my aunt and uncle, cousin and her daughters. Here are a few pics:

Scrappy was a real hit with the visiting family. He is such a little sweetie, wearing his HOT DOG shirt that Sarah got him. No, I'm not making him wear shirts in this heat. It wasn't that hot two weeks ago.

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