Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Dare and New Pictures

First of all, there is a new DT Dare at A Scrappin Friendsy. It is an ad challenge.
Check it out here: DT Dare

Here is the page I did. The pictures of my nephews: Ryan and Brett. Brett is 3, Ryan is 15. They are my brother's boys.
Second of all, my little Scrappy is growing and is so sweet! We will be moving in just three days and I will have to spend some time seriously housetraining him, as he is not perfect yet. Here he is in his Paw & Order muscle shirt:

Seriously, don't you want to just eat him up? Well, keep yer paws off - he's mine!

This weekend we had a rare and wonderful visit from my aunt and uncle and cousins. They live in Huntsville. Here we all are after a yummy meal at Cock of the Walk:

So, PennyG - I hope you are seeing this! I love you!

Gotta go get ready to move things to the house. The niece and nephew are here and I am going to MAKE them HELP! The kids are not good about getting this done. grrrrrrrrr Of course, the Mighty Hunter is not as anxious to get it done as I am, either. Sigh.

Oh, I won a challenge at Tallyscrapper yesterday. It was a digital challenge to make a page at Scrapblog . Scrapblog is a neat online scrapping place. Of course, my scrapping talent didn't win the challenge for me, it was totally the cute picture on the page! Who can resist a puppy?!?!

Now I really am going. Really.


Robin said...

Love your take on the ad challenge. I can't wait to get to get mine out of my head and onto paper. Scrappy is SO ADORABLE!

Have fun moving!

Kaye said...

I love Scrappy's shirt. LOL!

Babydoll said...

I hope moving is not wearing you out too bad. :) Love the pictures of Scrappy!

If you get a breather stop by my place for a chance to win some goodies. :)

Babydoll said...

Hi Wanda!! If you are talking about these cupcakes...yes they are still there.