Monday, September 1, 2008

There's A Lot Going On!

Well, first of all we are waiting on the rain and wind and bad weather from Gustav! Thankfully it isn't going to be like Katrina, but we were ready for it!

We have a cooler full of snacks and paper goods and candles and batteries. We have another cooler full of ice, and the freezer is full of ice. The cars are full of gas and all the stuff is in out of the yard.

This week's Design Team Dare at A Scrappin Friendsy comes from Penny:

Are you ready for this week's dare? So many times we all get caught up in doing layouts/cards for challenges or DT assignments that we forget the reason that we all starting scrapping. So, your challenge is to do a layout or two cards just for you. It cannot meet any challenges or be for any assignments or be for the upcoming cybercrop. I want you to remember why you started scrapping in the first place.
I already had this one covered the day she posted it! LOL....I had pulled out some pictures from the Scrap Etc Event to use with this little drink thingy that said "This cocktail belongs to....". I finished it up and it is a page just for me. YAY! Why don't you join in?

I also used my 50% off coupon at Michael's to get a Cuttlebug. This is something I previously had no desire for, but I played with the one Jo has at A Scrappin' Friendsy last weekend at the weekend crop, and I kind of fell in love - mostly with the embossing folders, you understand. They are COOL! So I got it. Why not?

I then came home and started making cards. I made 8 cards yesterday. Everyone who knows me in a scrap-related fashion knows that I cannot make cards to save my life. Only rarely do I make a nice one. Still, here are some pictures of some of the cards I made yesterday:

And here are two layouts I made recently. The second one is the one I made yesterday for Penny's dare. The first one totally does NOT meet her dare, because it is for a challenge.

What challenge, you might ask? Well, would you like to find out what kind of "Scrap"lete you are? A Scrappin' Friendsy (ASF) is holding its first ever Olympics, and our scrapletes are competing in 8 different events to see who will win gold! Go HERE to read about the whole thing! We have events like Synchronized Swimming, the Decathlon, and Sailing. We have Medal Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies. We're going to have a blast. Come join us for fun and prizes.


mommysews said...

I love your cards Wanda! they look great. I am glad that Gustav is not going to cause you too much trouble though.

NancyJones said...

LOVE your cards and THAT FLAMINGO PAGE IS STELLAR! I have a photo of Bella with her little pink "pamindo's" that are in front of her play house,,, she was putting a feather boa around its neck. I need to scrap it. Where did you get that big flamingo die cut? is it a sticker (Im sure you got it from Jo but what is it I mean)
I need to find me a pattern I suppose.
I am gonna pop back in at friendsy. I lost all my links we had to re do my computer it happens so often with these storms. I had not written down the new one and I came across your blog today and was so happy! I knew you would have the link.
Every time I think about it I get distracted and when I think about it again Im ussually doing something else. Crazy.

So glad Gustav didn't leave damage like katrina did. We had 28 ft waves down here at dauphin island (about 14 miles to my south) they had to emergency evac the west end of the isle. We got a little wind and rain but NOTHINGGGGG even close to what you all had. That thing was a monster!
IKE was even worse. I just did a layout about Gustav on my blog.
Ok Im writing a novel here. talk to you soon