Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Update!

Well, it has been just over two months since I posted. How pitiful. Life has been very busy. Since I last posted the Key Club at Ridgeland High School (which I sponsor and to which both of my daughters belong, as well as 100 other teenagers) has hosted a regional service rally, and participated in several service projects.

We sponsored 16 children this Christmas, purchasing each child at least three gifts, but really every child got what they asked for PLUS some! We bought eight bicycles, with the generous support of the students at RHS, Coach Allen Marett, Charles Hill and the Ridgeland WalMart, and our parents. We helped serve hamburgers and hotdogs and painted faces at their Christmas party, and then had a party of our own at Keifer's. Here are a few pictures:

We have a new addition to our family: little Chloe! Oh my heavens she is the biggest LAP DOG you ever saw! She is in my lap now, as she is always in my lap whenever I sit down to the computer. I pick her up, I put her in her cozy new bed in front of the fire, she follows me right back to the computer. Sigh.

She is a precious little registered miniature Chihuhua. She was named Chloe when we got her, so we left it. She was used to it.

And yes, we still love and adore our little Scrappy! He loves his playmate, Chloe. He treats her like a chew toy. She doesn't mind at all; she gives just about as good as she gets.

Christmas has been great. Our God is good, and our Savior reigns! We have a roof over our heads, food to eat, clothes on our backs and shoes on our feet.
We miss Poppy this Christmas. He passed from us four months prior to Christmas Day, and the 26th would have been his birthday. We love you, Poppy.

I will post some family photos later. Right now I have to go to Cleveland to eat dinner with the family. Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends!


Charlene said...

Very nice Wanda!

Carla said...

How awesome to be able to GIVE like that! Wonderful!

Love your new puppy :-)