Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Enjoying My Time Off

Ah, I am sooo enjoying my Christmas vacation! I have scrapbooked! Yay!
I always try to scrap a small album of our Christmas BEFORE the end of our Christmas break.
Twenty pages, 8 by 8. So far I have done 5 pages.

We haven't taken down the tree, or the lights in the yard, or put away any of the Christmas decorations.

I haven't been to the grocery store, or to Walmart, or even to Sam's to pick up the rest of the Christmas pictures.

I've just been hanging out. Nice.

Here are a few pictures I have to share! Oh, and if you like my new background, check out the link to Simply Blog It. I know I am way behind the times in terms of adding blog backgrounds. Oh, well.

Chloe, napping.

Randy, with the four-legged children!

Randy and me.

The girls goofing around.

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