Friday, July 23, 2010

Chipmunk Cheeks and Scrapbook Pages

Happy Friday! Actually, during my two months off in the summer I can't tell Friday from any other day, but all I have to do is check Facebook or the forums at Cookin' Up Creations and I am reminded that Friday is here. Seems that almost everyone is posting TGIF!

We have a chipmunk in residence at our house! Her name is Mary Beth and she has chipmunk cheeks because she had all her wisdom teeth removed Wednesday. She's the cutest chipmunk ever, and is doing well, if in a lot of pain. There are no pictures, as you can imagine that 16 year old girls do not want their picture made when they are puffed up like a puffer fish.

Sarah has lots going on, including a little wreck yesterday. She was sitting still and was hit from behind, and then THAT person was hit from behind, and then THAT person was hit from behind. Fortunately no serious injuries to either Sarah or her boyfriend or the car. This is good because she goes next week to do band camp for the Southeast Lauderdale high school band. She is creating their guard routines for their half time show this year. She'll be there all week. Then when she gets home she has one week until move-in day in Oxford.

And then you have me, a terrible procrastinator! I have new pages with new product to share and haven't done it yet! Bad, bad!

First of all, Fishbowl Designs has some splatters that are wonderful. They are so versatile and add just the perfect little "filler" behind a picture or cluster.

Watercolored Painted and Spray Painted are available for purchase HERE at Sunshine Studios.

Here are two pages I made using the splatters and Fishbowl's kit Daffodil Dreams. I love this kit, and its colors are basically yellow and blue. They are deeper shades of yellow and blue, though, and easily became more like gold and purple so I could use it for Sarah's Lion's Band pictures.

Here is a picture of just the background, which started as a solid gold textured "paper." I added a yellow water color splatter, and two of the purple spray painted splatters, along with the bead splatter in the kit.

This page uses the kit in its beautiful yellow and blue form, with some of my favorite pictures of a beautiful butterfly on a yellow lantana in my mother-in-law's back yard. See the subtle yellow splatters? I also used a background template from Fishbowl Designs to create the page.

And besides those pages, I "revealed" four pages made with the beautiful kit Clementine by Shabby Princess. She is the digital scrapbooking sponsor for Cookin' Up Creations for July. My reveal included these pages:

I love these pictures of our beloved lap dogs, Scrappy and Chloe, enjoying a little "lap time" with Randy and Debbie. The alpha included in this kit is yummy, and one of my favorite alphas ever!
My dear friend and neighbor Janet hosted a grad party for Sarah. Check out the little cluster made with a striped ribbon, a button, and a cardboard tag, plus a couple of other cute elements. And the stitching is wonderful in this kit.

Here is a page showing Randy after he ran his first half-marathon a few weeks ago. The BINGO card is a nice versatile element in the kit, and these rich colors make great man-pages, don't they?

And, lastly, here is a page commemorating our 24th wedding anniversary, which we celebrated with a quiet dinner and 24 roses. This page uses the free template from the June challenges at Scrap Orchard, which is unfortunately, not available for download anymore. However, HERE is a link to the July free template, which is also very very nice!

While you are at the Orchard, you might want to check out the Iron Scrapper contest. I haven't really done much with it, but I did make this page for the first challenge:

One of the neat things about it is that there is a $5 kit each time the challenge changes, which I think is every week or every two weeks, and the kit is only available during that time. It gets retired at the end of the challenge. Here is a pic of the kit for Challenge #2:

Cute, huh? Get it HERE if you like it.

Wow, if you made it to the end of all of that you are awesome and especially deserving of a wonderful weekend! Hope you have a good one.

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