Saturday, July 3, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Actually, lots of news, I guess! I will start with the fact that Mary Beth just got home from a four-day, invitation-only, oboe clinic held at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. She worked with her grandfather, Charlie Wicker, and Dr. Dan Ross of the university. One of the main objects of the clinic was to teach participants the basics of reed-making, very important for double-reed players, and Mary Beth came home with three self-made reeds and a reed-making kit.

Continuing on with news from my children, I am so proud to say that the Mississippi Lion's Club All-State Band has won yet another International Championship at the International Lion's Club Convention in Sydney, Australia! Congratulations, Sarah and everyone else! Check out this video of their AMAZING parade performance that just brings tears to my eyes when I watch it. Turn off my crazy playlist and watch it - you'll love it.

And here is another video from the night of their concert before they left for Australia. I made it with my camera but it's not bad.

And my own little bit of exciting news: I am now a Starfish! Yeah, I made the Creative Team for Fishbowl Designs. See her store at Sunshine Studios and see my first two pages:

This page with my little barefoot beauty (Mary Beth) uses the Eco Earth kit, Fishin' for Dates, and a Fishfood Large Photo Template. The alpha is by Pixiemama and is part of this amazingly huge free kit created by a bunch of digital scrapbook designers as a thank you to all of their Creative Team members. The kit is called You and Me - here's a preview sneak peek:

This page uses Eco Earth, too (I really like the greens and aquas in this kit, they are actually my favorite colors to wear, so.........) The story about this picture is that we were at a Sushi Bar/Asian Buffet restaurant in Laurel, MS eating lunch with Sarah before the Lion's Band concert. At the door was a nice little fishpond with some beautiful fish swimming around. One of them was a HUGE white catfish-looking fellow who really liked the attention. On the way out I thought I might snap a picture of the girls with that fish in the "background" but when I pulled out my camera he swam away to the back of the pond. I guess he was a little camera-shy. As soon as the girls got up he came right on back for more attention. Even fish have personalities!

Next week Mary Beth and I leave for the Key Club International Convention in Memphis, TN. Mary Beth is on the LaMissTenn Key Club District Board and I will be the Kiwanis Host Committee Chairperson. This is the first time I have ever attended this convention, and the first time I have taken any students from the Ridgeland High Key Club. Four kids are going with me and I am pretty excited about it. We will be working hard at convention, since we are the host committee, but it's gonna be great! Plus, I get to dress up like Elvis! Maybe there will be a picture or two to share when we get home.


Leah Crowe said...

Sarah and the whole band are amazing.. their all so talented. Great videos Wanda, loved watching them. Big congrats on your new CT! Your work is phenomenal, love your layouts.

Babydoll said...

Congrats to Sarah and Mary Beth and to you on your new DT!! ;)

Penny said...

congrats to you all!!!