Saturday, March 1, 2008

Well, It Has Been A Long Time

There have been so many times when I have come to the computer intending to update my blog, but found myself doing other things.

Like downloading free digital scrapbooking elements, as in the big TREASURE HUNT from DigiShopTalk a couple of weeks ago (or was it just last weekend? can't be). Anyway, it was fun.
And I saw lots of designers that I liked that I am sure I would never have seen before.

Art and Scrap is one, and also Nicole Seitler at Sugarplum Paperie.
Blushbutter has these neat vintage images in her kits, and I especially need the aviation one!
The Mighty Hunter is a pilot, you know.

There were others, of course, but it would make for a really long post, since this is not really the reason I am updating here at all.

I have had a birthday since I last posted. I am now 43 years old. Sigh. However, I had a nice birthday treat last Saturday. The Mighty Hunter gave me a card with one of those big-eyed chihuahas on it, and $100 inside it! That was great! Then he handed me another doggie card. And yes, you guessed it, another $100. So, I'm happy, and the girls are jealous! LOL
And he brings out another card. This one says on the inside: "Say NO to lapdogs!" And has $100 in it. And one last card that says, "I love you anyway." And, yes, has another $100 in it.
Mary Beth had made me a Happy Birthday sign on my Cricut, and it's still in the kitchen.

So, I got some unmentionables with my birthday money LOL! And, I haven't spent it all yet. I've been trying to get a new Cricut cartridge, but forces are aligned against me. Hobby Lobby is out of almost everything. They don't have one that I want, at all. And WalMart had ONE font cartridge I wanted, so I picked it up and put it in my basket. Shopped some more, and walked away from my basket, only to TRY to return to it and find it missing! Never did find who took my basket. It was weird.

We have since participated in the Winter Fashion Show, of which I tried to take pictures but really couldn't get a good one. Here's one, just for informational purposes:
Fashion shows are not like beauty pageants.....the models don't stand still.

We are having a wonderful weekend cybercrop at A Scrappin' Friendsy. Why don't you come join us? We have card challenges, color challenges, prizes and RAKS, 8 new technique tutorials.....come on over!


Babydoll said...

Sorry about your cartridge Wanda! Love the picture from the fashion show.

Amy said...

WooHoo.....Mighty Hunter did good! I believe he's a keeper. ;-) Glad you had a happy BD...hope you cna find some cricut cratridges soon!

Nicole Seitler said...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear that you had fun on the hunt and that you liked my stuff! You've made my day! :)

Braxton's Mommy said...

You have been given an award on my blog!! Thank you so much for the inspiration you give me!!

By the way JoH told me to go to to get cart. for your Cricut they have them for cheaper than anywhere else. Thats where she gets hers!!

Robin said...

What a great birthday present. Don't you love when they take the time to put some thought behind the gift. How fun!

I hope you have or can find some cartridges you want soon. I'd like to have another one myself but not sure when that will fit into the budget. I really want Alphalicious, but I saw last week that Jo had finally got her hands on it, so I'll just have to use hers when I'm at the store.