Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Dare at A Scrappin' Friendsy and Bug at my House

Cleaning bug, that is! I cleaned my scrap area, which desperately needed it!

I scrap in the dining area, so it is visible to any and all people who come over. I have scrapped quite a lot lately, which is GREAT. But it leaves a GREAT mess! You know how it is, that after a while it is so messy you can't scrap anymore. I had reached that point! Here it is AFTER:
Aaahhhh, looks like a dining room again. Funny thing is, I don't want to mess it up by making anything, but I want to make a card and a layout for my Dare at A Scrappin' Friendsy!

So, there ya have it! The results of almost an entire day of cleaning, organizing and straightening. After I completed the stunning makeover you see above, I cleaned out Mary Beth's closet and dresser drawers. Then I was so tired I didn't even clean the kitchen that night. Oh, well.

Until next time!


Babydoll said...

I'm at this point too Wanda!! Too much stuff going on to even get inspired. Maybe I'll take some advice from you!! :)

latte_grande said...

Hey, Pinky, looks good! Here's my ONE "creating in a catastrophe" tip: keep an empty basket near at hand to toss your frequently used tools in while you're working. That way your scissors, ink pad, sanding block, etc, don't get lost in the mess!


Braxton's Mommy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and that you are doing great!! I have't forgotten about you!! Take care!!!

Stephanie Miller